Projectionists Draw Projectors: Charles Rogers

Has projected at:
the Music Box Theatre
Facets Cinematheque
Bank of America Cinema
Laemmle's Music Hall 3
Laemmle's Monica 4-plex
Laemmle's Royal Theatre
Thoughts: "I often think it is like deejaying, in that it actually isn't that hard most of the time, but one has to constantly fiddle and pretend to do stuff to justify it to yourself or the audience. Also, when I used to work at changeover places, it was hard for me to relax while the film was running. Now that I work at platter houses, it is totally easy to relax. I had to run changeovers the other night, though, and I was really nervous and ill-at-ease for the first few reels. By the third or fourth, though, it was fine and I had a good rhythm. (It being a fun movie didn't hurt, either.) I still didn't sit down the whole time, though."

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