Equipment, Parts, & Services

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▶︎ Motion picture projector parts

The Chicago Film Society has one of the largest inventories of motion picture projector parts in the country. Parts available include replacement sprockets, gears, and rollers for Simplex, Century, and Christie 35mm projectors, as well as 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm sprockets and other components manufactured by LaVezzi Precision.

Download parts inventory list (PDF)

Please write to to order.

▶︎ 16mm projector alignment test film

The Chicago Film Society sells a 16mm projector alignment test film developed by L’Abominable in France. The test film was produced with the dedicated tools that were deposited with L’Abominable by the French Commission Supérieure Technique de l’Image et du Son, who was in charge of producing such films in the past.

The film was made under the banner of, and is sold in 10 foot lengths.

Price is $33 per 10 foot loop, plus shipping costs.

Please write to to order.

▶︎ Training & workshops

The Chicago Film Society presents, copresents, and provides instruction for training workshops on the exhibition of 16mm, 35mm, and 70mm film and the technologies required to present it safely, correctly, and beautifully. Read about some of our past workshops here.

Note that our workshops are not intended to replace the equipment repair and maintenance services of your regular booth technician.

Private instruction is available to institutions; inquire at

▶︎ Consulting

Film projection services: Chicago Film Society provides film projection services and consulting for screenings, festivals, and gallery or museum exhibitions.

Shipping: We are experienced with proper preparation of motion picture film for shipping, including preparing nitrate film shipments in full compliance with US Hazardous Materials Regulations.

Please write to to inquire about consulting.

▶︎ Motion picture film projectors, cameras, & editing equipment rental

We have a variety of 35mm and 16mm film projectors, cameras, viewers, and editing equipment available for rent. Inventory varies; inquire at for specifics.

▶︎ Scrap film

We can provide 16mm and 35mm scrap film to artists, filmmakers, and students. These are retired film prints no longer suitable for screening use, not camera stock. Use for scratch animation, found footage, or whatever your heart desires. FREE except for the cost of shipping!

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