Projectionists Draw Projectors: Adrianne Jorge (Picture Only Thread Path)

, Member, IATSE Local 306

"I was asked by Mr. Allen's editors to compile and write a manual for the projection booth, in the event that myself or any of my regular substitutes were not available for a screening. These two drawings were meant to illustrate the different threading paths that we were regularly using in the booth at the time. We were running everything changeover on Simplex heads with Atlas bases. The Atlas is very rare these days, as it was originally meant for double system post production projection, where a magnetic reel of dialog track could run simultaneous with the picture reel on the projector. Magnetic sound was abandoned several years ago, for simpler and cheaper digital audio Fostex decks. And now with Mr. Allen's last two films, 35mm film has been almost completely eliminated from the post production process. So I have these drawings of an extinct and historical system, one that I loved for half a dozen years. I hope they can at least serve an artistic purpose in your collection."

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