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July 7th, 2021: The Best of “Project Yourself! (Comfort Station, Logan Square)

TV Spots – (Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, Murder on the 13th Floor, Manhunter, Mommie Dearest, Escape from Alcatraz, Dawn of the Dead, John and Mary, The Sterile Cuckoo, Death Ship, Queen of the Stardust Ballroom)
“The Growing of a Young Filmmaker” (Produced by the Young Filmmakers Foundation with funding from Eastman Kodak, 1969 – Directed by Raymond Esquilin, Edited by Jaime Barrios)
“World of Pets: Cats” (National Geographic Society, 1985 – Directed by Alan Degen)
“Weasel Stop” (Robert McKimson, 1956)
Pillsbury TV spot (1969 ?)
(All 16mm from Chicago Film Society’s Collections)

Star Trek bloopers (no date, probably ’66 or ’67)
“Project Health” (IBT Medical, Illinois Bell Telephone) (no date)
“The Nose” (Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker, 1963)
“The Impact of Television” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1980)
“What Should Barbers Talk About” outtakes (CBS, 1955)
Charlie Pride “I Ain’t All Bad” (1975)
(All 16mm from Chicago Film Society’s Collections)

July 30th & 31st, 2021: Jit (Michael Raeburn, 1990) 16mm from CFS collections (Analog Rooftop CInema, 2124 West Lawrence)