The Canadian

Saturday, May 21 at 11:30 AM — Music Box Theatre — 3733 N. Southport Ave
Tickets: $12 at the door or purchase advance tickets

May 21 - The Canadian

Directed by William Beaudine • 1926
Adapted from a play by W. Somerset Maugham, The Canadian stands as an adult anomaly, a stark tale of frontier life and marital discord that incongruously occupied the same Paramount Pictures release slate that was dominated by flapper frivolities like Mantrap and Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em. Thomas Meighan stars as Frank Taylor, a tenant farmer in the wheat fields of Alberta who longs for a wife to help him keep house. Enter Nora (Mona Palma), the cosmopolitan sister of Frank’s employer, Ed Marsh (Wyndham Standing). She’s been to London and Paris, but can’t catch a break on the farm and impulsively decides to marry Frank to escape living under the same roof with Ed’s wife. Alas, no arrangement can be so simple. An intimate and mature human drama photographed on location outside of Calgary by Cecil B. DeMille’s regular cameraman Alvin Wyckoff, The Canadian received a critical reception as chilly as its setting, with many reviewers finding it uneventful and lacking in spectacle. (Motion Picture News described it as ”much better than it sounds”—and that was one of the more positive notices!) But latter-day appraisals have been much kinder, not least from director William Beaudine himself. A busy professional with over 400 credits, Beaudine finally got around to seeing The Canadian some four decades after its release and admitted, “I’m very surprised. Why, I was quite a good director in spots.” (KW)
88 min • Paramount Pictures • 35mm from Library of Congress
Live musical accompaniment by Dennis Scott
Preceded by: “Blackhawk Railroad Series: On the Canadian National” – 10 min – 16mm