Farah Khan’s Bollywood hit Om Shanti Om on 35mm!

Music Box Theatre
3733 N Southport Ave
Admission: $10

Monday, November 29 @ 7 PM / Music Box Theatre
Directed by Farah Khan • 2007
In Hindi with English subtitles
Singing, dancing, pratfalls, romance, preening machismo, convoluted reincarnation plots–what more could you want from the movies? India’s most visible cinematic export, the Bollywood-popularized ur-genre known as the masala film, offers all of these things, a formula for success that has resulted in some of the most internationally popular films ever made. A watershed blockbuster and one of the most beloved films the industry has produced, Om Shanti Om became an enduring hit with fans of Indian cinema through affectionately skewering the overblown spectacle and theatrical sentimentality of Bollywood while still serving up plenty of its own elaborately staged production numbers and genuine soap operatics. Opening in 1970s Mumbai, the moment when the city would begin to develop its reputation as an epicenter in international film production, Om Shanti Om introduces Om Prakash Makhija (played Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan at the height of his fame), a buffoonish background player intent on worming his way into movie stardom, and subsequently finds him embroiled in all sorts of business involving a scandalous pregnancy, a cursed movie script, and a cross-generational supernatural revenge plot. Directed with abundant personality and visual panache by superstar choreographer Farah Khan and jam-packed with affectionate nods towards Indian cinema’s past glories, Om Shanti Om is about as perfect an introduction as the Bollywood newcomer can find around, and as rapturous an ode to the industry as long-time devotees could ever wish for. (CW)
162 min, plus intermission • Red Chillies Entertainment • 35mm from Chicago Film Society Collections
Preceded by: Bollywood trailer reel

**All visitors to the Music Box Theatre will need to show proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID test. This includes Chicago Film Society screenings. Please read their guidelines before purchasing tickets.**

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