SUNDAY 10/3: “The film is called RR, but I like to call it “Railroad,” because RR sounds like a pirate movie.”

Chicago Film Society Office
2950 W. Chicago Ave
Admission: FREE

Sunday, October 3 @ 7:00 PM / Chicago Film Society office**
Directed by James Benning • 2007
The Movies’ love affair with trains stretches back to the earliest days of cinema, from the eminently startling L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat, through The Great Train Robbery,The General, Shanghai Express, The Lady Vanishes, The Tall Target, Strangers on a Train, 3:10 to Yuma, Once Upon a Time in the West, Emperor of the North, The Taking of Pelham 123, Night Train to Terror, Back to the Future III, and on down to recent cinephile favorites Unstoppable, Hugo, Snowpiercer, and The 15:17 to Paris. Technological “innovation”, in the form of the automobile and air travel, has been leveraged in an attempt to eliminate rail transit, just as digital video has been pushed as a full scale replacement for film, but there’s no escaping that both film and trains are beautiful, perfect, and irreplaceable. It should come as little surprise that people who love one tend to embrace the other. RR is the last to-date celluloid production of avant-garde master James Benning and illustrates the spiritual relationship between these two technologies beautifully. There are 43 static shots, each of a different train in a different part of America. Each begins roughly when a train enters the frame and ends usually around the time it exits the frame and altogether they make the case for the innate beauty of locomotives and celluloid better than just about any film we can think of. (CW)
111 min • 16mm from Canyon Cinema

**For maximal effect, we will be screening RR beside an active Metra line, outside the Chicago Film Society office. BYO chair! We will have some extra on site for those who cannot bring their own.

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