The Idiot Box Strikes Back: TV on Film 2 – Tune In from 6 to 10pm Central at Chicago Filmmakers on Saturday, April 6

Chicago Filmmakers – 5720 N Ridge Ave., Chicago, IL 60660
Tickets: $8

Saturday, April 6 @ 6:00 PM
TV on FILM 2
Back by popular demand, CFS presents a simulated four-hour television broadcast complete with commercial breaks. Until the early 1980s, the vast majority of prerecorded television content was sourced from 16mm prints, projected live for an audience of thousands. Running 70mm Roadshows at the State-Lake may have been the most prestigious projection job in Chicago, but a 16mm television projectionist had a far wider per-show reach. True to form, TV on Film features everything from the sublime to the stupid. Our program includes the widely syndicated kids segment Chatter’s World, starring Chatter the Chimp, the horrifying microwave cooking infomercial Richard Deacon Does It in the Kitchen, pre-Munsters Fred Gwynne in Car 54 Where Are You?, plus game shows, sitcom favorites, The Chicago Teddy Bears, and Michael Cimino’s shortest film. Come and go as you please or plop down for the entire program. (JA)
Approx 4 hours • Various Networks and Studios • All 16mm from Chicago Film Society & Private Collections

Check out the rest of the season here!

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