William Wellman’s Other Men’s Women – “The Passions of Men and the Power of Locomotives in a Tremendous Drama of the Singing Rails!” – New 35mm Print on Oct. 26!

The Auditorium at Northeastern Illinois University – Building E, 3701 W. Bryn Mawr Ave
General Admission: $7 • NEIU Students: $3

Wednesday, September 26 @ 7:30 PM
Directed by William A. Wellman • 1931
There’s no shortage of pre-Code films about penthouses and fancy negligees, but Other Men’s Women stands alone as a grubby slice of working class life. Grant Withers and Regis Toomey play two working stiff railroad engineers who wander the yards and hop their own boxcars with the panache of professional hoboes. Toomey has a wife (Mary Astor) in a little cottage in suburban Los Angeles, while Withers flirts with women at every station. (His steadiest lady friend is hash-slinger Joan Blondell, who proudly declares herself “A.P.O. – Ain’t Puttin’ Out.”) When Withers finds himself falling for Astor, the ancient order of male camaraderie collides headfirst with a modern colossus of steel. Overachiever James Cagney hoofs and hops in a bit part that set the stage for his breakthrough performance in The Public Enemy, another he-man Wellman collaboration released four months after Other Men’s Women. Routinely ignored in career overviews of Wellman, Blondell, and Cagney and long unavailable on 35mm, Other Men’s Women now emerges as an earthy, grease-caked delight: the characters are simple, the emotions are elemental, and the punches land like a sack of rocks With its freighted mix of forbidden love, railroad carnage, and retributive mutilation, it’s nothing less than the runty American nephew of Abel Gance’s La roue! (KW)
70 min • Warner Bros. • 35mm from Library of Congress
Short: “Railroading in the East: 1897-1906” (Blackhawk Films) – 10 min – 16mm

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