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Unconscious Abounds in Lady in the Dark – 35mm Screening on Aug 29 – New Season Begins Sept 3

The Auditorium at Northeastern Illinois University – Building E, 3701 W. Bryn Mawr Ave
General Admission: $7 • NEIU Students: $3

Wednesday, August 29 @ 7:30 PM
Directed by Mitchell Leisen • 1944
While the movies and Freud ascended roughly in parallel and often worked towards similar ends (they don’t call Hollywood “the dream factory” for nothing), rare has been the picture that takes psychoanalysis as its outright guiding principle, and rarer still is the one that attempts to envision the process as a series of glossy Technicolor production numbers. Lady in the Dark, CFS favorite Mitchell Leisen’s unmusical of the unheimlich, presented an opportunity for Hollywood to grapple with the burgeoning influence of Freud in the cultural sphere by dressing up all the symbology mumbo jumbo with beautiful gowns, saccharine string accompaniment, several tons of dry ice, and more color gels than a Dario Argento picture. Ginger Rogers stars as the buttoned-down editor of a successful fashion magazine who visits a headshrinker after a series of crippling migraines and troubling dreams have her questioning the direction of her career and love life. Using each session as an opportunity to stage increasingly elaborate dream sequences-cum-off kilter musical numbers (including one circus-themed showstopper featuring humanoid rabbits, a singing elephant, and an audience of oversized eggs), Lady in the Dark may not present a particularly cogent perspective on the pitfalls awaiting the modern career woman but it does find great attraction and meaning in the spectacle of the inexplicable. (CW)
100 min. • Paramount Pictures • 35mm from Universal
Cartoon: “Book Revue” (Robert Clampett, 1945) – 7 min – 16mm


And before you know it, our new season begins. There’s no stopping the hits!

 Check out the full schedule here!

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