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Follow Thru on Our New Season

The Film Society is pleased to announce its new summer season at its new venue:
The Auditorium at Northeastern Illinois University (Building E, 3701 W. Bryn Mawr Ave)

Full schedule–mark your calendars now!

General Admission: $5 • NEIU Students: $2

Follow Thru_600

Wednesday, July 1 @ 7:00pm
Directed by Laurence Schwab & Lloyd Corrigan • 1930
When Follow Thru opened in September 1930, nine months after the original Broadway play ended a very successful run of over 400 performances, it was just another peppy Technicolor musical in a season overabundant with them. But today, when its contemporaries survive in severely compromised versions or have been lost outright, the original camera negative of Follow Thru remains intact, yielding a restoration that beautifully reproduces the limited but ethereal palette of early Technicolor. It’s one cosmic fate for a proudly inconsequential evening’s entertainment. After second-generation golfer Nancy Carroll loses a country club match to catty Thelma Todd, she enlists the tutelage of that unthreatening hunk Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers, the Svengali of the stroke. Upping the romance quotient, department store trust fund baby Jack Haley chases lady-caddy Zelma O’Neal—but does he want her love or just the return of the family heirloom he drunkenly gifted to her? (A bracingly wet Prohibition Era artifact, Follow Thru helpfully proposes olive oil as a pre-emptive folk remedy for hangovers.) With a score by De Sylva, Brown, & Henderson (Just Imagine) that manages to rhyme “my spirit is broken” with “I live in Hoboken,” Follow Thru is light on dance numbers, but the only one is a doozy: O’Neal performs “I Want to Be Bad,” complete with lines with devil-horned chorines. (KW)
92 min • Paramount Pictures • Restored 35mm from UCLA Film & Television Archive

Dawn of Technicolor_450Film scholar David Pierce will introduce the screening and sign copies of his new book, The Dawn of Technicolor.

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