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Restored 35mm Print of Corn’s-A-Poppin’ Premieres at the Music Box on June 23

Monday, June 23 – Three Shows: 5 PM, 7 PM, and 9 PM
Music Box Theatre, 3733 N. Southport Ave. • Admission: $7

C-A-P Premiere

Directed by Robert Woodburn • 1955
A regional independent film? A western swing musical?  An early Robert Altman script? A roman à clef about real-life popcorn baron Charles Manley? A masterpiece? Corn’s-A-Poppin’ is all these things and more. Produced on the cheap in a Kansas City by a band of young talent schooled in the production techniques of The Calvin Company, the Midwest’s most innovative industrial film studio, Corn’s-A-Poppin’ is just about the most free-wheeling and sing-able hour of cinema we’ve ever seen. Down-home crooner Jerry Wallace plays Johnny Wilson, the star of the Pinwhistle Popcorn Hour, a half-pint (and half-hour) variety show with acts ranging from pro-hog caller Lillian Gravelguard to Hobie Shepp and the Cowtown Wranglers. Might the cornpone bookings be an act of sabotage by rogue PR man Waldo Crummit in a bid to gut the Pinwhistle Empire? It’s up to Little Cora Rice to save the day. Songs include: “On Our Way to Mars,” “Running After Love,” and “Mama, Wanna Balloon.” Financed largely by regional showmen and out of circulation for decades, Chicago’s new cult classic has now been restored to its original earnest glory. (KW)
58 min • Crest Pictures, Inc. • 35mm

Restored by Northwest Chicago Film Society. Preservation funding provided by the National Film Preservation Foundation. Additional material courtesy of the Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater Research. Laboratory services by FotoKem.

Also on the program: Selected Country Soundies and Concessions Snipes


And right on the heels of Corn’s-A-Poppin’ — a totally unique program on a forgotten film gauge! Join us for an absurdly rare smattering of 28mm films – Including some original prints which are over 100 years old – in tribute to and in the spirit of the 13th INTERNATIONAL DOMITOR CONFERENCE.

Wednesday, June 25 @ 8 PM – Free Admission, Donations Accepted
Annie May Swift Hall, 1920 Campus Drive, Northwestern University

28mm Pathescope_700

New Adventures in 28mm: THAT MODEL FROM PARIS & Other Oddities
Developed at a time when 35mm motion picture film was synonymous with nitrate fires and the annihilating spirit of modernity, the 28mm gauge was a non-flammable alternative marketed to schools, churches, and the private domain. Used for both home movies and non-theatrical exhibition of commercial shorts and features, the 28mm format was the forerunner of the instructional film, the classroom filmstrip, Castle Films 8mm clips, and your VHS library. Widely used in America until World War I and in Europe until the emergence of the talkies, 28mm presentations are exceptionally rare today, even though many films survive only in this unjustly neglected format. Dino Everett, Archivist at USC Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive and a longtime 28mm collector and advocate, will screen a representative sample of 28mm films on original projection equipment and provide an illuminating (but non-flammable) lecture on the history of the format.

Program includes:
That Model from Paris (Louis J. Gasnier, 1926) [Excerpts], The Life of George Washington (1909), The Crazy Villa (1913), The Gypsy’s Revenge (1908), and much more!

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