Spend Some Quality Time with the Extended Family: Don Siegel’s The Lineup Returns in 35mm

The Patio Theater – 6008 W Irving Park Road – $5.00 per ticket
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18A_LineupMonday, July 22 @ 7:30pm
Directed by Don Siegel • 1958
Nominally a big-screen expansion of an undistinguished TV police procedural, The Lineup bristles with the genuine nastiness and unchecked sadism favored by screenwriter Stirling Silliphant and director Don Siegel. After its opening reel, The Lineup loses interest in the finer points of forensics and concentrates on the singularly sociopathic Dancer (Eli Wallach), a short-tempered hit man with no compunctions about threatening children or the disabled to reclaim a shipment of smuggled heroin. As a dumb working stiff who thrashes against a criminal hierarchy he can’t be bothered to understand, Wallach achieves a rare and uncomfortable intensity. Staging its mayhem on location at several now-vanished San Francisco landmarks, The Lineup’s irrational forward velocity finally and fittingly overflows the city itself: the climatic car chase takes place on an unfinished highway and it doesn’t disappoint.  (KW)
86 min • Columbia Pictures • 35mm from Sony Pictures Repertory
Preceded by: Joe Besser in “Hook a Crook” (Jules White, 1955) – 35mm – 16 min


The Lineup is one entertaining action picture, but our next feature might just save you soul.

18B-19A_Miracle ManWednesday, July 24 @ 7:30pm
Directed by Norman Z. McLeod • 1932
A whip-smart gang of New York grifters (Sylvia Sidney, Chester Morris, Ned Sparks, and John Wray) have one sweet swindle going until a fatal clash with lascivious landlord Boris Karloff ruins their plans. Fleeing the cops, Morris hides out in the seaside paradise of Meadville, California, home to a beloved faith healer known universally as the Patriarch (Hobart Bosworth). Sensing the potential for the scam of the century, Morris summons his confederates—but will they still accede to the scheme after the Patriarch makes the crippled walk again? Aside from being a gonzo gangster yarn and a memorable piece of white-hot entertainment in its own right, The Miracle Man holds great interest as a phantom artifact of film history: it’s a remake of an enormously popular 1919 film that has vanished but for a few fragments. The original version gave Lon Chaney a star-making turn as the double-jointed con man known as the Frog; if Chaney was anywhere near as impressive in that role as John Wray comes off in the 1932 rendition, we’ve lost something very special indeed. (KW)
85 min • Paramount Pictures • 35mm from Universal

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