“Before Eve there was Evil… and her name was Lilith!” Robert Rossen’s Masterpiece in a 35mm Vault Print

The Portage Theater – 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave – $5.00 per ticket
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Wednesday, February 6 @ 7:30pm
Directed by Robert Rossen • 1964
After the critical and box office success of The Hustler, writer-director Robert Rossen could have made any film he wanted. He chose this deeply private psychological drama, a near-clinical treatise that regards love as an essentially irrational experience. Jean Seberg delivers a career performance as Lilith, the schizophrenic woman whose advanced withdrawal from society extends to the invention of her own language.  After neophyte occupational therapist Warren Beatty makes a breakthrough with the young patient, he finds himself happily seduced by her assertive personality. But Lilith is a mad siren, using her sexuality to seed the world with primal trauma. Described by Dave Kehr as “a masterpiece . . . conceived in shades of white so delicate and elusive that the picture barely seems to brush the screen,” Lilith makes sunlight as unnerving as shadow. Co-stars Kim Hunter, Peter Fonda, and Gene Hackman in his first credited role. (KW)
114 min • Columbia Pictures • 35mm Vault Print from Sony Pictures Repertory
Serial: Captain Marvel: “Lens of Death” (John English & William Witney, 1941) – 35mm – 16 min

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