This Wednesday in 35mm: TERROR IN A TEXAS TOWN replaces THE HALLIDAY BRAND

Unfortunately the 35mm print of THE HALLIDAY BRAND we were planning to show this week is missing its last three reels. As we are unable to screen the film in its entirety we will be replacing it with TERROR IN A TEXAS TOWN. We plan to screen THE HALLIDAY BRAND somewhere down the road once a complete print becomes available.

The Portage Theater – 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave – 7:30 – $5.00 per ticket
For the full schedule of classic film screenings at the Portage, please click here.

June 6
Directed by Joseph H. Lewis • 1958
Swedish immigrant George Hansen may speak slowly, but there’s nothing tentative about his quest for yustice from the barbed end of a whaling harpoon. He has a score to settle against McNeil, the local grandee who metes out eminent domain through a hired gun, with Hansen’s father only the latest fatality. Shot in ten days by one-time Technicolor specialist Ray Rennahan in a frequently impoverished one-take style that anticipates the involved gaze of Warhol’s films, Terror in a Texas Town is a specimen of terminal cinema without any real equal. No less than Lewis’s The Halliday Brand, Terror in a Texas Town is a Cold War Western with startling subtextual edges. Starring remorseful HUAC informant Sterling Hayden and boasting an uncredited script by the blacklisted Dalton Trumbo, Terror in a Texas Town is the anti-High Noon–a film that takes seriously the possibility of a community uniting against a regime of political violence. It’s also gonzo-and-a-half enough to convince Western-skeptical film fans that something important is missing from their lives. (KW)
80 min • United Artists • 35mm from Park Circus
Cartoon: Daffy Duck in “Drip-Along Daffy” (Chuck Jones, 1951) – 16mm – 7 min

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