Better than Bogart? George Montgomery as Philip Marlowe in The Brasher Doubloon This Wednesday at the Portage

The Portage Theater – 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave – 7:30 – $5.00 per ticket
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January 11th
Directed by John Brahm • 1947
The kind of unpretentious, squirrely filmmaking characteristic of 20th Century-Fox productions of the late ‘40s, this Raymond Chandler adaptation (released overseas under the novel’s original title The High Window) stars George Montgomery as a private investigator hired to find a rare coin stolen from domineering widow Florence Bates. Montgomery cautiously seduces Bate’s secretary Nancy Guild (who introduces the film’s tag line “some women can’t stand cats—with me it’s men!”) and eventually gets to the bottom of things, but not before being bludgeoned by a gang of sleazeballs hired by Bate’s lout of a son (Conrad Janis). Mysteriously unavailable on DVD or VHS and absent from television or theatrical screenings for several years, this is B-movie filmmaking at its swiftest and most likable. (JA)

72 min • 20th Century-Fox • 35mm from Criterion Pictures USA

Short: “The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case” (James Parrott, 1930) • 16mm print from the Chicago Film Archives!

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