Turn On, Tune In, Drop By: TV ON FILM This Sunday at Cinema Borealis!

Cinema Borealis – 1550 North Milwaukee Ave, 4th floor (NOTE: There is no elevator!)
Suggested donation is $10 – Seating is limited so please arrive early!

Sunday, November 13th – 6pm
Cinema Borealis

In its heyday, TV meant more than just microwaves and antennae. Video was in its infancy and local stations built broadcast schedules from mountains of 16mm film–Saturday morning cartoons, syndicated sit-coms, local newsreels, commercials, dramatic anthologies in re-run, C&C Movie Time feature presentations, and much more. Harried studio technicians threaded up each print in real time on an industrial-strength projector with its lens aimed squarely at a TV camera. (Imagine the pressure: if the film breaks, every rugrat in metro Detroit sees your mistake!) These prints have survived the ravages of time and surly station managers to form a foundation for the film collectors’ underground. In an attempt to bridge the gap between couch potatoes and cinephiles, we present a marathon of TV on Film, recreating an imagined broadcast evening wholly through 16mm (and rare 35mm!) prints at Cinema Borealis, Chicago’s favorite and coziest living room. Program includes Superman, Rod Serling, the mind-frying Cattanooga Cats, and plenty of surprises. (KW)

Continuous performance from 6pm through 11pm. Come and go as you please. Stay if you dare!


And don’t forget our next Classic Film Series screening at the Portage Theater!

Wednesday, November 16th
Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer • 1946
Knocked up at Mardis Gras. Abandoned by her soldier-lover. Forced to pawn her new baby off on her sister. These are only a few of the indignities suffered by Nancy Coleman in Her Sister’s Secret, a superb melodrama that has been improbably neglected in favor of more salacious-sounding Ulmer entries like Girls in Chains and The Amazing Transparent Man. Yet Her Sister’s Secret has something those lack: a budget. After years toiling in the exploitation and Yiddish-language cinemas, Ulmer found steady work at Producers Releasing Corporation turning out cheap time-passers. Modern fans regard Detour as the culmination of this period, but Her Sister’s Secret possesses equal claim, and not just because it was Ulmer’s last for the company; touted as PRC’s “first million-dollar production,” it embodies the scrappy striving that characterized Ulmer’s career. Put over with excellent camerawork from Franz Planer (soon to be snatched up by Max Ophuls and Robert Siodmak), you won’t soon forget Her Sister’s Secret. (KW)

80 min • Producers Releasing Corp • Ultra-rare 16mm from private collection
Screen Song: “Row, Row, Row” (1930, Dave Fleischer) 16mm

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