Coming soon: I WANT YOU and Home Movie Day 2011

This week in the Classic Film Series at the Portage, we’ll be screening a rare 16mm print of I WANT YOU

The Portage Theater – 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave – 7:30 – $5.00 per ticket
For the full schedule of classic film screenings at the Portage, please click here.

October 12th
Directed by Mark Robson • 1951
Dana Andrews and his family operate a contracting business in an undisclosed American Small Town at the start of the Korean War. As families begin to worry about their young men going off to fight, pressure mounts on Andrews – considered “essential” by the US government because of his profession – to keep the men he employs out of combat. Though it attempts to be an answer to the Korean War in the same way that The Best Years of Our Lives (also a Samuel Goldwyn production) was to World War II, I Want You ends up being a much more eerie and conflicted picture. Starting at the beginning of combat while Best Years of Our Lives took place in the aftermath of WWII, I Want You has very little to offer in the way of comfort or optimism (though Andrews and Dorothy McGuire are both wonderful and keep everything above water). Instead it’s a fairly bitter look at a handful of middle of the road Americans and the Cold War America they were living with, the sort of picture that seems – for better or worse – to escape becoming dated, if only because it feels so familiar. (JA)
102 min • The Samuel Goldwyn Company • 16mm from the Radio Cinema Film Archive
Cartoon: Daffy Duck in “Draftee Daffy” (Bob Clampett, 1945) 16mm


We are collaborating with the Northwest Chicago Historical Society and the Chicago Film Archives to bring you HOME MOVIE DAY 2011.

WHERE: Portage Theater lobby, 4050 N Milwaukee Ave.
WHEN: Sunday, October 16th from 1-6PM

Members of the public are invited to bring in home movies or other celluloid artifacts on any film format – 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, or beyond – for inspection, discussion, and on-site projection. It’s always hard to predict what will end up on the screen at Home Movie Day – Grandpa Joe eating a watermelon in slo-mo, circa 1957? Mom as a tot at Kiddieland? Dubious home-brew animation experiments? But it promises to be a blast (literally) from the past!

Home Movie Day is a worldwide event conceived by archivists at the Center for Home Movies in 2002 as a means to promote the preservation and appreciation of home movies and to celebrate the prolific celluloid output of amateur filmmakers in the 20th century.

The Chicago Film Archives will also be hosting a Home Movie Day gathering at the Chicago Cultural Center on Saturday, October 15th from 12-5PM.

For more information, visit
Questions? Contact the Northwest Chicago Film Society at: (773) 850 0141 or

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