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Next Week: Two Nights of Westerns! “Fury at Showdown” at Cinema Borealis and “Western Union” at the Portage Theater

In the Classic Film Series this Wednesday, September 28th we’ll be screening
The Portage Theater – 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave – 7:30 – $5.00 per ticket
For the full schedule of classic film screenings at the Portage, please click here.

September 28th
Directed by Fritz Lang • 1941
A very young Randolph Scott is a reformed outlaw laying wire in the Great Plains for the telegraph service. All hell breaks loose when Scott’s brother rounds up a band of degenerates trying to prevent the connecting line between Salt Lake City and Omaha. Made two years after Cecil B. DeMille’s Union Pacific, a similarly great film about America’s similarly great industry, Western Union is a violent (by the end of the film Scott doesn’t have much of his hands left) picture about the breaking in of late nineteenth-century America. The first great Technicolor western, this Kodachrome print (which dates back to 1945) represents some of the best color reproduction possible with ultrasaturated reds, blues, and blacks, and does eye-popping justice (with the exception of some light base scratches) to one of Lang’s most visceral films. With Robert Young and John Carradine. (JA)
95 min • 20th Century Fox • 16mm Kodachrome, permission Criterion Pictures, USA
Short: “Knight of the Trail” (William S. Hart, 1915) – 16mm


Also this week, we’ll be screening FURY AT SHOWDOWN at Cinema Borealis in Wicker Park in collaboration with the Nightingale.

Tuesday, September 27th – 8 pm
Cinema Borealis, located at 1550 North Milwaukee Ave, 4th floor
Suggested Donation is $10

Directed by Gerd Oswald • 1957
A severely underrated mini-masterpiece of a Western made by a director who would work in relative obscurity making some of the best episodes of The Fugitive, The Outer Limits, and Perry Mason a decade later, Fury at Showdown stars John Derek as a gunslinger looking to give up his life of crime and settle down on a cattle ranch. The best laid plans fall apart when Derek’s brother is murdered on the orders of the town’s land hungry lawyer Gage Clarke. Equally sincere, William S. Hart’s 1915 two reeler The Ruse will precede the film, with live accompaniment by Seth Vanek on piano. Hart is a reformed gunfighter turned prospector, who travels to Chicago to collect on a business deal with a mine promoter who turns out to be crooked.
75 min • Robert Goldstein Productions • 16mm from the Radio Cinema Film Archive
Short: “The Ruse” (William S. Hart, 1915) 16mm with live accompaniment by Seth Vanek

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