June 8th, 2011: “Comanche Station” at the Portage Theater

Join us this Wednesday June 8th for Budd Boetticher’s COMANCHE STATION
The Portage Theater – 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave – 7:30 – $5.00 per ticket

Also, our new schedule is up and running. Check it out here.
Printed programs will be available at the COMANCHE STATION screening.

Budd Boetticher • 1960
Randolph Scott sets out to rescue Nancy Gates after she’s kidnapped by Comanches and then sold to a pair of outlaws for all of five dollars. This is the last time Budd Boetticher and Randolph Scott would make a picture together, and in many ways it’s both of their best work (afterwards Boetticher went south of the border to work on his epic bullfighting documentary Arruza but suffered bankruptcy and confinement in prison and asylum over eleven years to complete it – a tough life for a man whose films knew more about dignity than any in the latter half of the twentieth century). Comanche Station is made up of mostly of long shots that make it seem like some beautiful older-than-dirt fable for the west, but every time there is a closeup, especially of Scott, the expanse of Boetticher’s western landscapes feels all the more immediate, as if he’s put it all under Randolph Scott’s hat. (JA)
74 min • Ranown Pictures Corp. • 35mm CinemaScope
Print from Sony Pictures Repertory, special thanks to Katie Fry and Christopher Lane
Serial: Daredevils of Red Circle: The Monstrous Plot (William Witney and John English, 1939)

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