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Some digital color bars, sans girl.

Some digital color bars, sans girl.

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  1. These are the first few frames of the 2k test image sequence distributed with the ARRILASER film recorder system from ARRI. There are also 4k versions of these same images distributed with the ARRILASER. The image sequence is commonly referred to as the “AQUA Images” and acronym for ARRILASER QUality Analysis. The main frame of this sequence (the one with all the little color boxes) contains a number of test patterns designed to be used along with ARRI’s semi-automated AQUAmat software that was used to quality check and adjust the geometric and photometric characteristics of the ARRILASER system.

    Can’t quite tell from this scan, but this is likely the second version from July 2002. It certainly is not from before that time as the image in use from 1999 – 2002 was quite different. The “Kodak Digital LAD” image generally occurs later in the same image sequence.

    Feel free to contact me for technical or historical details about these images!

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